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Because you are the one I turn to when things look bad, because you are my partner in my petty crimes, because I am grateful to you.. I dedicate this book to you💗

"You" are the first book of its kind on the market. Dedicated to save your memories with your best female friend such as the first impression, how you met each other, what you love the most, in addition to pages to place your photos, and pages to write the funniest moments... It collects your photos, memories and the funniest shared stories.. 🤼‍♀️


  • book weight: 260g
  • size: 21x21 cm
  • cover type: hardcover
  • page thickness: 130 gsm
  • page type: coated glossy
  • page color: white
  • number of pages: 36
  • photo placeholders: 12
  • book language: Arabic & English (mixed)