About Us


Women holding a bag that has Giftolla logo on it

How it all started


In 2017, I was an unemployed graphic designer living in Lebanon, a country that doesn't offer many opportunities, especially to graphic designers.

So I decided to take the first step towards my dream project which is to make a Facebook page and sell products designed from scratch by myself.

I created the first product and called it "Love Book". When I published it on Facebook I was surprised by the huge and positive feedback I got.

A little by little I started growing my business and adding products. Then I partnered with my brother and we decided to expand to all Arab countries and develop a website to achieve our goal.
Our budget was tight, so to succeed we had to learn and do everything by ourselves, starting from marketing and design to web development and accounting...

In 2020, which is the hardest year we faced in a long time due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and after all the hard work, we were able to launch our website and own our company.