School sweets cellophane bags - 4 packs

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Make their school day sweeter with a delightful surprise and a small message! 👧🏻👦🏼❤️

Place their favorite biscuits or candies in our convenient nylon bags for a tasty snack during break time. 🥨🍒

These bags also help preserve food longer and allow you to control your child's portion size 🥜🫐

You can fill the bags with nuts, dates, biscuits, gummy bears, corn chips, mini chocolates, cherries, and more... 🍎🫐🍒🥨🍡🍬🍫🍭🥜🫘🍪🍩

Self-sealing cellophane bags that are easy to use. Remove the adhesive strip, place the food, then seal the bag.

- Available in two different sizes: 7cm and 10cm
- Each set contains 100 bags

Upon ordering, you will receive 4 sets (2 bears, 2 clouds) of both sizes. You can also contact us if you want to choose the design that suits you.