Rachet Hobb Gift Box

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Stickers Color: Black

This Gift Box Contains:

  • Rachet Hobb recipe book that helps you write down your best recipes.
  • Spice Labels, helps in keeping track of your spices.
  • Pantry Labels, used in organizing and enhancing the look of your pantry.

Rachet Hobb:

Get your recipe book, madam. Take your pen, write down your best recipes.
Save the recipes among the folds of this book designed with love and passion, to be passed on to your grandchildren 😍.

We designed this unique book, "Rachet Hobb" with precision and attention to ensure that it contains all the details that matter to you, and we used the best types of paper to make it last for a very long time. The casing is thick and of high quality.

In front of each recipe, there is a white page for you to document the recipe if you want! 📸 It can be presented as a special gift for someone who loves to cook.

Sections included:

  1. Main Dishes
  2. Pastries
  3. Salads
  4. Soups
  5. Sweets


Organize your spices and pantries in style with these waterproof permanent vinyl labels. The simple design gives a clean, clutter free appearance making it easy to identify all your herbs, pantries, and spices.👩‍🍳

These Vinyl Stickers are characterized by:

  • waterproof and resistant to ripping and bubbling.
  • easy to remove and reposition without sticky reside.
  • a perfect size that fits on most jars or caps.
  • Contains 80 of most common used spices and herbs in Arab kitchens.
  • Contains 70 of most common used food pantries in Arab kitchens.
  • It is a perfect gift for cooking lovers...

You can choose between Transparent or Black color.

Note: Jars aren't included.


  • Rachet Hobb:
    • Book weight: 800g
    • Size: 21x21 cm
    • Cover type: hardcover
    • Page thickness: 220 gsm
    • Book thickness: 5 cm
    • Page type:  coated
    • Page color: white
    • Number of Papers: 75
    • Number of Categories: 5
    • Number of Recipes: 60
    • Language: Arabic
  • Spice Labels:
    • size: 4x4 cm
    • weight: 34 grams
    • material: vinyl
    • number of stickers: 80
    • color: Black or Transparent
  • Pantry Labels:
    • size: 6x6 cm
    • weight: 45 grams
    • material: vinyl
    • number of stickers: 70
    • color: Black or Transparent