My Pregnancy Journal

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product: My Pregnancy Journal

My Pregnancy Journal 📔:

Both a personal journal and a practical record, 🤰 My Pregnancy Journal will become a precious keepsake of the months spent awaiting the arrival of your little bundle of joy👶.

This guided pregnancy keepsake book includes 72 pages to highlight every moment from the big news to baby's arrival with space for pregnancy and sonogram photos spread throughout❤️.

Next, a month-by-month diary, allows expectant moms to record every precious moment of the magical experience of pregnancy, from the first sight of baby on a scan and the thrill of the first kick to any unusual food cravings😋.

This beautiful and comprehensive journal is a joy to complete and will become a lovely keepsake full of precious memories for parents and baby alike👼.

Pages Includes:

  • prompts to write about finding out the news
  • spreading the news
  • page for the gender-reveal party
  • parent's predictions
  • 9 pages for pregnancy photos
  • 9 pages for sonogram photos
  • 9 pages for each month includes doctors visits, mom's feeling, pregnancy development...
  • pregnancy and sonogram photos
  • a name page and a page for each month from one to nine
  • page for childbirth day, and much more...


  • This book is a perfect baby shower gift, baby girl gift or baby boy gift for pregnant women🤰 and also for mothers👩‍👦 so that she can re-write the moments and keep in the book to give later to her child as a precious gift when he/she grows up🎁.
  • You can buy the journal with Nabad Awal book to make sure you write all your baby's special moments until he/she becomes one year old👶🏼.

My Pregnancy Journal + Pregnancy Stickers:

You can buy the pregnancy stickers with the book. These stickers are used to document the stages of pregnancy month by month.

Stick it on your belly and take a picture 🤰🏼📸 You can announce your pregnancy with the "hello baby! I'm pregnant" sticker and the baby's gender with the "it's a girl" or "it's a boy" sticker.


  • book weight: 400g
  • size: 20x20 cm
  • cover type: hardcover
  • page thickness: 150 gsm
  • page type: coated glossy
  • page color: white
  • number of pages: 72
  • photo placeholders: 21
  • book language: Arabic & English (mixed)