Pantry Labels

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Color: Black

Having a beautifully organized pantry has never been easier with our assortments of pantry labels 👩‍🍳. The simple design gives a clean and clutter free appearance making it easy to identify all your food.

These Vinyl Stickers are characterized by:

  • waterproof and resistant to ripping and bubbling.
  • easy to remove and reposition without sticky reside.
  • a big size that makes them easy to read.
  • Contains 70 of most common used food pantries in Arab kitchens.
  • It is a perfect gift for cooking lovers...

You can choose between Transparent or Black color.

Note: Jars aren't included.



  • size: 6x6 cm
  • weight: 45 grams
  • material: vinyl
  • number of stickers: 70
  • color: Black or Transparent