Nabad Awal and Pregnancy Stickers Package

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The needs of the new baby are now within your reach and in the Arabic language
Grab the set including "Nabad Awal and Pregnancy Stickers Package"
to easily document every stage of your pregnancy and its development,
in addition to the book that documents the stages of your child's development during his first year🥰.

• How did you feel when you found out you were pregnant?🤰
• When did your little one had his/her first haircut?👼
• When did your baby say "mama"?❤️

With this beautifully illustrated milestone book, you can save all the stages of your baby's development from the moment you felt his/her first pulse through the most important stages of pregnancy, and until he/she completed his/her first year.

Add month-by-month photographs, map up your family tree, list names you considered for your baby, and write down all the new experiences for you and your baby, such as feeding, crawling, first steps, first meals...🤱

This precious milestone book is intended to be shared and displayed for years to come.

Note: The beige color is suitable for both girls and boys.

Sections included:
  • pregnancy special moments.
  • baby's firsts, milestones, sweet and silly moments to remember.
  • baby's first-year photos (month-by-month).



  • package weight: 300g
  • book size: 21x21 cm
  • cover type: hardcover
  • page thickness: 130 gsm
  • page type: coated glossy
  • page color: white
  • number of pages: 36
  • number of stickers: 12
  • photo placeholders: 23
  • book language: Arabic & English (mixed)